Students - the water professionals of tomorrow

Take advantage of DHI’s thesis writing and supervision support as well as internships and poster exhibitions to propel your career.

Thesis supervision and writing support
Students are entitled to free, time-limited licenses for MIKE Powered by DHI software products for use when writing your thesis. Before contacting us, please be sure your university professor has agreed with you on the topic of your thesis. We will require them to sign the application for verification.

In addition, as part of an overall university collaboration, DHI can support select students with thesis supervision. Please note, we are not able to offer scholarships for Master and PhD studies.

For more information on our thesis programme and to apply for a student license, please contact your local MIKE Powered by DHI
  Client Care representative.


Are you a top student, studying for a master’s degree? Are you available for 5-6 months? And lastly, would you like to help us solve the toughest water challenges in the world?

If yes, then click here to learn more about our internship opportunities.


Show off your thesis work by sending DHI a poster. Posters as well as theses may be published on our website if agreed upon by you and your supervisor!